Learn the art of enhancing eyes in our 2-day course. Master shading between eyelashes, create a classic wing, and perfect eyelid shading techniques.

  • Shading in between eyelashes
  • Classic Wing
  • Eyelid Shading

Eyeliner can be a lovely solution for clients who wish to eliminate their daily makeup routine or who cannot wear cosmetics. The procedure for doing eyeliner is as straight-forward as it is complicated.

Shading in between eyelashes

Achieve a natural and fuller look with the shading in between eyelashes technique for semi-permanent makeup (SPMU) eyeliner. This technique involves adding pigment in the gaps between lashes, creating the illusion of denser lashes and defined eyes.

Classic Wing

Create a timeless and elegant look with the classic wing technique for SPMU eyeliner. This technique involves extending the eyeliner beyond the outer corner of the eye in a subtle wing shape, adding a touch of sophistication to eyes.

Eyelid Shading

Enhance the shape and depth of your eyes with the eyelid shading technique for SPMU eyeliner. This technique involves softly shading the eyelid area with pigment, creating a subtle gradient effect that adds dimension and allure to eyes.

You will learn:
  • Numbing and pain management strategies
  • Shading in between eyelashes
  • Classic Wing technique
  • Eyelid Shading technique
  • Client consultation
  • Working with fragile eye area
  • Equipment selection (machines, needles, and pigment)
  • Application of shaded eyeliner
  • Creating the perfect wing
  • Eyelid Shading without mistakes
  • Fixing shape and lining movements
  • Aftercare and common mistakes
  • Understanding different eyeliner styles
  • Consideration of different skin tones
  • Achieving symmetrical eyeliner designs
  • Tips for long-lasting results
  • Techniques for different eye shapes
  • Maintenance and touch-up procedures
  • Eyeliner pigments and colour selection
  • Eyeliner aftercare and client instructions
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