Learn all about lips in this 2-day course! Discover the art of lip liner, blush, watercolour lips, and the lipstick effect. Enhance your skills and create stunning lip looks with these 3 techniques.


This course includes 3 techniques:

  • Lip liner/ Blush
  • Watercolour Lips
  • Lipstick Effect


Lip liner/ Blush

Enhance the shape and definition of lips with the help of lip liner and blush. Create a precise outline and add a touch of colour to achieve a beautiful and natural-looking pout.

Watercolour Lips

Achieve a soft and dreamy lip look with the natural, unnoticeable, and transparent watercolour technique. Blend different shades together to create a gradient effect, giving your lips a subtle and artistic appearance.

Lipstick Effect

Get that classic and bold lipstick look with this technique. Apply your clients favourite shade of lipstick to add vibrancy and a pop of colour to lips, making them the focal point of your makeup


You will learn:
  • How to achieve perfectly pre-drawn lips
  • Equipment – machines, needle selection, and other tools
  • Understanding colour theory and skin tones for lip pigmentation
  • Expertise in pigment mixing for desired lip colours
  • Effective client consultation and preparation techniques
  • Techniques and guidance for effective pain management during lip tattoo procedures
  • Mastering lip liner application for precise lip shaping
  • Techniques for creating watercolour lips
  • Achieving a flawless lipstick effect on the lips
  • Practice using latex for realistic lip tattoo simulations
  • Step-by-step procedure to follow for successful lip tattooing

• Aftercare tips for long-lasting lip tattoo results

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