Lip Fillers

Let’s give your pout the perfect kiss of life with our lip-filling sessions! Get ready to experience a safe and speedy transformation that brings out your lips’ natural beauty. In no time, you will be marveling at how voluminous, lush, and luminously beautiful they are – timelessly gorgeous!
0.25ml----- £80

0.5ml----- £120

1ml ------- £170

Dermal Fillers

Take charge of your skin’s renewed youthfulness! Our dermal filler sessions are an easy, pain free way to combat wrinkles and other aging signs. Refresh the smoothness and vibrancy of your complexion – say goodbye to those pesky nasalobial folds, marionette lines, or smoker lines- while regaining a unique glow that will take years off in seconds!
0.5 ml --------------------------------------- £120
1 ml ----------------------------------------- £160
2ml ------------------------------------------ £280
Marionette lines -------------------------- £200
Nasalobial Folds ---------------------------£200
Marionette lines & Nasalobial Folds --- £320
Under eye Filler --------------------------- £180
1ml Dermal +0.5ml lip Filler --------------£240
1ml Lip filler + 1ml Dermal filler --------- £280
3ml Contour Any area --------------------- £330
5ml Contour Any Area -------------------- £450
Dermal Filler Dissolving ------------------ £80

Skin Boosters

Profhilo Face Lift—£220

2 sessions ————£350

LUMI EYES Under eye Skin rejuvenation 1ml – £90

Two Sessions — £150

Three Sessions – £210

Four Sessions — £260

Dr. Cyj Hair Filler — £150

2 Sessions — £280

3 Sessions — £380

Pdo Thread Lift

PDO Threads offer an exciting, non-invasive alternative for those seeking a face lift without the pain and downtime of surgery. Inserted via tiny needle or cannula, these biodegradable threads put sagging skin back into place to create more youthful facial contours up to two years later – all with no incisions involved! Enjoy immediate results while your body creates new collagen cells around each thread that help keep your complexion smooth and supple.

PDO COG Fox Eyes ------------ £280

PDO COG Jaw Lift ------------- £300

PDO COG Lover Face Lift----- £350

PDO COG Neck Lift ----------- £300

PDO COG Full Face Lift ------- £500

Threads made of polylactic acid are inserted into the dermis, producing an instant lifting effect as well as stimulating collagen remodelling to further tighten the skin as well as smooth out deep lines and wrinkles over the following weeks. Skin appears more youthful and rejuvenated. Polylactic acid has been used in medicine for many years and is completely biodegradable so the body just naturally absorbs the threads over time.
PDO Collagen Lower Face Lift ----------------- £250
PDO Collagen Nasalobial Folds & Marionette Lines ------------------------------------------------ £250
PDO Collagen Jaw Line -------------------------- £280
PDO Collagen Neck Lift ------------------------- £320

Microneedling and Fibroblast

Get ready to experience a beauty transformation like no other! Introducing Microneedling and Fibroblast, two revolutionary procedures that are quickly becoming staples in the world of aesthetics. Leave your worries behind: these safe techniques provide fast results without any pain or downtime – you’ll be astounded by what they can do for you. Experience dramatic changes with incredible reliability – give it a try now!
Face Microneedling ------------------- £80

Salp Microneedling for hair loss----- £60

Small Area Microneedling ----------- £30

One area Fibroblast from ------------ £50

Mesotherapy injections

Unlock your skin’s youthful potential with mesotherapy! This powerful treatment provides tailor-made results, boosting the vitality of your skin through nutrient and vitamin rich enyzmes. Say goodbye to dullness and ageing signs – regain that glowing complexion you’ve always wanted by committing to multiple sittings or an instant single session – all from today!
Per Treatment ---------------- £75
Course of 3 treatments----- £195
Course of 5 treatments----- £300
Neck & Decolte -------------- £110

Lemon Bottle Fat Dissolving

Small Area ——-£60

Medium Area —£80

Large area —– £100

Vitamin Injections

B12 Vitamin — £20

Biotin———— £20

Vitamin D ——- £20

Vitamin C ——–£20

Botulinum Toxin Injections

1 Area ——————— £150

2 Areas ——————- £190

3 Areas ——————-  £220

Excessive sweating —- £250

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