All About Brows 2 Day Course


Join our “All About Brows Course” and master three techniques: Soft Powder Brows, Ombre Brows, and Hair stroke Eyebrows. Enhance your skills and become an expert in eyebrow treatments!


This course includes 3 Techniques:

    • Soft Powder Brows
    • Ombre Brows
    • Hair stroke Eyebrows
Soft Powder brows

This technique offers artists an easy-to-learn skill to achieve soft and airy pixels which doesn’t require as much precision as some of the more progressive methods. It is a perfect stepping stone to more advanced techniques. The Soft Powder Brow permanent makeup technique is achieved using a permanent makeup or tattoo machine and creates a beautiful, soft, powdery effect, without deep penetration to the dermis.

Ombre Brows

This technique is very popular and highly appreciated by permanent make-up artists and their clients. With the Ombre technique, you can create a bright image and get a natural look for eyebrows.

Hair stroke brows

Hair stroke eyebrows are the most well-known treatment for clients and technicians alike. It is the most requested eyebrow technique therefore it is imperative that you must offer your clients the best around and ensure you stand out from the competition. Hair strokes alone aren’t suitable for all clients due to skin types and hair density. Clients with oily skin and a strong coarse brow will need a combination brow, which is hair strokes with added shading. The added shading ensures a complete a seamless blend between the client’s original hairs and the micropigmentation procedure

You will learn:

  • Colour theory and understanding skin undertones
  • Brow mapping and measuring techniques
  • Numbing and pain management strategies
  • Aftercare instructions and maintenance tips
  • Correcting and fixing common eyebrow shaping mistakes
  • Marketing and pricing your eyebrow shaping services
  • Health and safety regulations in the beauty industry
  • Effective client communication and establishing a strong rapport
  • Different eyebrow shaping techniques for different face shapes
  • Troubleshooting and handling client concerns
  • Adding depth and dimension with eyebrow techniques
  • Creating natural-looking eyebrows and mixing techniques
  • Understanding different skin types and their reactions to SPMU
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