The Artist Behind The Needle

Known for her keen eyes, strong work ethic and unrivalled abilities in beauty treatments, Ruta is one of Hampshires hottest beauty bookings. In fact, she’s won the Best PMU Artist in South Coast of England 2022 and 2023 Awards for her exceptional services.

With a dedicated and loyal client base, 8 years of industry experience, a thirst for continuous learning, and a Master’s degree in Art, she has truly evolved into the person she is today.

Ruta empathizes with the frustration and embarrassment that often accompanies disappointing “beauty treatments”. That’s why she founded Browsthetics, a sanctuary where you can rediscover your beauty, heal insecurities, and receive personalized care from someone who truly understands. Ruta’s personal experience allows her to empathize with your journey, ensuring you feel supported every step of the way.


A Natural, You-But-Better Beauty Enhancement

Don’t visit Ruta to change your features. Visit her to let your beauty blossom to its fullest.

Let her help you bring out the beauty that has always been there.

Free yourself from a time consuming beauty regimen, because looking good should be effortless.

Browsthetics. The Best Place To Glow Up.

Look your best with the latest advanced beauty treatments; permanent makeup, dermal fillers, thread lifts, microneedling, electro-sonic treatments, luxury facials, premium skincare, supplements and much more.

Even after years of experience and professional training, learning never stops for Ruta. She keeps up with the latest techniques, constantly training to get better and using only the finest of professional brands in state-of-the-art technologies, so you get the best treatment. Her beautiful clients always feel safe and trusted in her hands.

She knows beauty standards are ever-changing, and they never define beauty. Feeling beautiful and confident does. Because no two flowers are alike, but all beam with beauty.

Rediscover your Beauty and Heal Your Past Insecurities

This isn’t another beauty place, it’s a transformation. Together we can start an adventure that will help you break free of your insecurities and self doubts – paving the way to unleash who you are to the world! It doesn’t take just brows or injectables; beauty is emotional, something found within us all. With my expertise I’ll help bring out your best version so that nothing stands between what lies inside and showing others our true selves on the outside!

The journey towards feeling beautiful starts here: I’m already working with Alopecia & Cancer patients by providing complimentary eyebrow treatments as part of giving back…so don’t miss this chance for manifesting yourself into challenging stigmas about life-changing events like these ever holding anyone down again.

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