Hello Gorgeous!

I'm Ruta, an Award winning semi-permanent makeup artist and trainer.

I understand that embarking on a career in semi-permanent makeup is a significant decision, which is why I’ve devoted my life to providing world-class education and mentoring to aspiring aesthetic professionals. I am VTCT Level 4  approved Assessor and I have a vast collection of certificates and awards by attending workshops, masterclasses, and webinars from around the world. You can expect exceptional quality instruction from me.

As an accomplished artist, trained by renowned professionals in four different countries, I offer a comprehensive course that doesn’t just impart technical skills. We delve into aesthetic principles, facial anatomy, practical application, client service, and even business management and marketing strategies. This holistic approach ensures you are not just well-versed in your craft, but also equipped to navigate your business successfully.

However, education with me goes beyond knowledge and skills. It’s about creating a conducive environment for growth and creativity, where every student is encouraged to develop their unique style and improve through constructive feedback. My aim is to ensure you can offer tailored services to each client, enhancing their beauty in a way that makes them feel truly special.

So, if you’re ready to elevate your career in the captivating world of semi-permanent makeup, I am here to guide you every step of the way. Let’s ignite your passion, hone your skills, and empower you to create a flourishing career in aesthetics. The journey ahead promises to be rewarding and vibrant. I invite you to take this leap with me – a world of endless opportunities in aesthetics is waiting for you.

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