Semi-Permanent Makeup

Advanced Semi-permanent makeup. Eyebrows, Microblading, Eyeliner tattoo, Lip enhancement.
Tattoo removal.
Dermal and Lip fillers, Mesiotherapy injections, skin peels, Microneedling, Fibroblast
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The shape, thickness and feel of your eyebrows can help you frame your entire face, and contribute to your look and style. Whatever look you want to achieve, we can help you get there! We use state-of-the-art techniques and process to bring your brows to the next level! From microblading, to hair strokes or even mixed technique sessions, anything goes!

Eyebrow OFFER :
Single technique ..............: £179
Mixed technique ..............: £199

  • Power - Microblading - Shaded - Hairstroke £299

    OFFER £179

  • Mixed technique £349

    OFFER £199

Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatments: Eye Brows, Eyeline, Lips
Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatments: Eye Brows, Eyeline, Lips


For us, using eyeliner is more than just applying make-up: it’s the art of making you feel beautiful and confident! We combine our passion, keen eye, and expertise to help you with the best eyeliners solutions. Whether you’re looking for upper or lower eyeliner makeover, or why not, a combine session or eyelid shading, we can help with the best quality and style you’ll find in town.



Your eyes can tell a very powerful story: let them speak!

  • Upper Eyeliner (Line Filling between lashes) £149
  • Lower eyeliner (Line Filling between lashes) £129
  • Upper and Lower Eyeliner £179
  • Eyelid Shading £199


The right style for your lips can give so much depth to your entire face. We specialize in bringing out the best in people, with some amazing counter and blush, as well as full lips makeovers! Finally get your lips to look exactly how you dreamed of, and let us help you find the style that you envision.

  • Lip Contour/Blush £149
  • Full Lips £179
Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatments: Lips
Semi-Permanent Makeup Treatments

Other Enhancements

Need to remove some permanent make up or want some other special enhancements? We are experienced in many different procedures, and we can help. You’re welcome to get in touch with us to discuss your special wants and needs!

  • Beauty Spot £50
  • Unwanted Permanent Makeup Removal (per treatment) £50 - £150