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Welcome to Browsthetics

Giving People The Confidence They Deserve

Browsthetics is more than about the treatment, it’s about the experience itself. Look at our sessions more of a therapy than a cosmetic treatment. Because we want you to rise from the salon chair with newfound confidence and self esteem. Don’t pay us for just the treatment. Pay us for boosting your confidence.

The Best Place To Glow Up

Whatever you need- you want it, we got it. We offer the latest advanced beauty treatments; PMU, dermal fillers, thread lifts, microneedling,electro-sonic treatments, and much more.

For years we have been providing Southampton with therapies of the highest quality, through years of research.

We regularly train our artists through courses and seminars, as well as in house development training. We use only the finest of professional brands in state-of-the-art technologies so that you can reach your beauty goals.  Learning never stops at Browsthetics.


A Natural, You-But-Better Beauty Enhancement

We have an eye for enhancing what you already have. We do not create to change, we believe every person has their own beauty and every treatment should be enhancing that beauty.

Free yourself from a time consuming beauty regimen, because looking good should be effortless.


Our Treatment. Your Way

We listen to your needs and work with you. Because it’s not just for the aesthetic- it’s emotional. We design our treatment to suit you.

Browsthetics - Bitterne Southampton
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